Above is a University of Iowa feature on my teaching (2015).


"In American Studies, our aim is to cultivate a connecting habit of mind in doing cultural studies. Ideally, that habit of mind should give students intellectual leverage on their cultural surround; it does so by stimulating them to connect from the present back to the past, from the personal out to the wider cultural, from the aesthetic down to the social structural, from the intimate out to the abstract, and back again. This aim is grounded in an assumption that people are citizens of the world, and of their own culture, before they are doctors, or lawyers, or accountants, or engineers, and that and education which proposes to train students for that world must be cultural as well as technical."

Gene Wise 


I have taught university courses since 1998 at a range of institutions: public, private, and at minority and majority serving institutions. You can watch video trailers for two of my courses below:

NEW! You can view the syllabus for my course on the Black image in comics below! In 2018 it was voted as a top ten course at the University of Iowa by College Magazine:


   Courses Taught:


  • Theory and Practice in the Digital Humanities (University of Iowa) [graduate course].

  • Digitizing Blackness (University of Iowa) [advanced undergraduate and entry level graduate course].

  • Writing the Black Body(course under construction)

  • Black Music as Literature (University of Iowa) [undergraduate course].

  • Pop Goes the Mind: Images of Mental (Un)Wellness in Popular Culture and Science (course under construction)

  • Post-Colonial Desire in the Literature, Poetry, and Life of Doris Lessing (course under construction)

  • Understanding American Cultures (University of Iowa)

  • Introduction to American Studies (University of Kansas)

  • Approaches to American Studies (University of Iowa)

  • Classics in American Studies (University of Iowa) [graduate accelerated summer course].

  • Affect Theory & Inquiry (University of Iowa) [graduate course].

  • Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies: Stuart Hall (University of Iowa) [graduate course].

  • Theory and Practice in American Studies I (University of Iowa) [graduate course].

  • Theory and Practice in American Studies II (University of Iowa) [graduate course].

  • Introduction to Popular Culture (University of Iowa)

  • Introduction to African American Culture (University of Arizona, University of Iowa)

  • Race, Class, and Gender (UMass Boston)

  • Race, Ethnicity, and Nation (Saint Louis University) [graduate course].

  • Diversity and American Identities (University of Iowa)

  • Social Construction of Whiteness (University of Arizona, University of Iowa)

  • Black American Cinema (University of Arizona, Saint Louis University, University of Iowa).

  • The Black Image in Sequential Art: Comics, Graphic Novels, Anime (University of Iowa)

  • Black Popular Culture (University of Kansas, UMass Boston, University of Iowa)

  • Black Popular Music (University of Iowa)

  • Black Women’s History and Autobiography (University of Arizona)

  • Women’s Lives (Saint Louis University)

  • Rhetoric: Reading and Writing (University of Iowa)

  • Rhetoric: Reading, Writing, and Speaking (University of Iowa)

  • American Mosaic: Diversity and American Literature (Saint Louis University)

  • Citizenship and 20th Century American Literature (University of Kansas) [accelerated summer course].

  • Region and Place in 20th Century American Literature (University of Kansas) [accelerated summer course].

  • Coming of Age and 20th Century American Literature (University of Kansas) [accelerated summer course].