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"Transpacific Mappings of Asian/American Women and Dissociation," is an ArcGIS story map, which includes images, music, 3d maps, map slide shows, immersive maps, film clips, 3D objects, and narrative prose. The project shows the ways in which place and geography shape meaning and interpretations of Asian and Asian American women's' novels, performances, and film. Powered by ArcGis.

"Polynoir Amour: Black Love as Affective Citizenship," combines text analysis, animation, music, film, original poetry, prose, sound analysis, and original paintings to explore the affective relationship between the narrative and dialogue of a film, a comic strip, and spectator sentiment. Data powered by Pattern; presentation in Keynote.

"Feeling Her Fragmented Mind," is a 3D AR virtual exhibition. It allows spectators to immerse themselves in a digital experience of group discussions, 3D objects, digital art, film, interviews focusing on popular culture narratives of Asian American, Latinx, Black, and white women's claims of dissociative identities. Powered by Roomful.

Addressing the Crisis is an online, open source journal focused on public sphere engagements with the theories of Stuart Hall. The first issue was published in Spring 2019. Powered by Bepress.

"Fat Bats, Postpunks, Depressed Dills, and Ice Witches," is a digital project that maps voice enunciation to illustrate the ways in which the composition of music and voice structure magnifies meaning and undergirds the aesthetic and cultural work of reimagining music subcultures via the Black imagination. Powered by Finale and Chordify.

The Algorithm that Gave Birth to a Book is a digital story about popular culture, viewing practices, and the genesis of the book in progress Feeling Her Fragmented Mind. Powered by WeVideo.

Below, you may view and experience several of these digital projects.